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I am seeking a challenging position as a Mainframe Developer/Business Analyst to utilize my technical expertise and financial acumen to design, enhance, maintain and implement targeted data processing solutions from inception through implementation.  I am particularly interested in dynamic financial institutions that foster innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit in their employees.


Positioning Statement

I have twenty years experience developing mission-critical mainframe applications for Fortune 100 financial firms.  I have participated in the full project life cycle development process—from inception through implementation.

I understand that successful project implementation requires more than technical expertise; it requires a thorough understanding of the business function that the data solution supports.  As a responsible technician, I scrupulously tailor my projects to align with business exigencies.

I am comfortable working on solo projects, team efforts as well as department-wide initiatives.  I am able to communicate clearly and effectively with technical and non-technical personnel.                                                                                                                                           



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Marilyn L. Beasley

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